All About Terpenes

A very common topic that asked at our dispensaries. What our terpenes? Where they found and what do they do?

Terpenes are a type of phytochemical found among the whole plant kingdom. There have been over 3,000 identified and they're in a variety of plants. Marijuana included.

In marijuana, there  have been over 500 identified, although only about 20 or 30 are commonly referred to.

They have major influence on the entourage effect often claimed in cannabis. We often receive questions whether our products contain food derived terpenes... terpenes derive from things such as lemons, limes and other various herbs... or whether our genes are cannabis derived terpenes.

We are proud to say that we only use cannabis derived terpenes derived from the plants extracted. So all of our vape cartridges, all of our bio extracts, as well as our saps, all contain only cannabis derived terpenes.