Approved Practitioners

If you need to find a physician to begin your medical marijuana certification, we highly recommend these organizations.

PA Green Medical: A Medical Cannabis Certification Company

PA Green Medical is a physician’s group where patients can be seen by a Pennsylvania state approved qualifying physician with offices located in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and King of Prussia.  We will evaluate your personal medical profile as it pertains to the list of approved conditions for you to apply for your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card.

At PA Green Medical, our doctor’s will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether or not the use of medical cannabis may be an effective treatment. In addition, the attending physician will discuss the benefits and risks associated with the use of marijuana as an alternative to conventional modes of therapy

Our facilities are friendly, caring and non-judgemental.  If you’ve been wondering if medical marijuana is the next step for your health, come in to one of our facilities today or call the number below to schedule your appointment.

If you’ve been wondering if medical marijuana is the next step for your health, contact them to learn more.

Omni Patient Advocates - Medical Marijuana

Omni Patient Advocates (formerly Omni Medical Services of PA) is a premier provider of Medical Marijuana certifications in Pennsylvania. When you choose to receive your care through one of their clinics, you’ll receive treatment from a highly trained, compassionate doctor that specializes in providing safe, affordable, and reliable access to those seeking a medical marijuana certification.

By focusing on a patient-first mentality, Omni Patient Advocates strives to be the standard of care for medical marijuana patients. As one of the premier providers in medical marijuana certifications, Omni PA consists of a team of compassionate and knowledgeable Patient Advocates that specialize in providing safe, affordable, and reliable medical marijuana access to patients. We understand your conditions and know when your pharmaceutical options for the management of your pain and discomfort just aren’t enough.

Omni PA closely monitors Pennsylvania State and Federal marijuana guidelines and always remains up-to-date on the most recent legislation. Our licensed doctors, caregivers and patient advocates are handpicked and knowledgeable about all aspects of medical marijuana scheduling and patient fulfillment, and will keep you educated throughout the entire process.