Honoring Our Veterans

Colonel Stephen Lampo

Colonel Stephen Lampo • Marines • 1941 – 1991 • Vietnam • Colonel Stephen Lampo, United States Marine Corps

Silver Star Recipient – First Lt. Stephen F. Lampo, US Marine Corps, receives the Silver Star for exceptional bravery in the Vietnam War. On Jan 31, 1968, amid intense enemy fire, he courageously evacuated wounded soldiers, organized reinforcements during an ambush, and repeatedly risked his life to transport the wounded to safety. His fearless leadership, supervising evacuations and engaging the enemy, embodies the Marine Corps’ highest traditions.

William Cook

William Cook • Marines • 1965 – Present • First Gulf War • Years of service: 1989 to 2017 • Bill Cook, retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USMC Reserves in 2017. He served in various Marine Corps units, including assignments in Harrisburg, PA, Reading, PA, the Pentagon, Marietta, GA, Kings Bay, GA, and Okinawa, Japan during the Gulf War. His relatives include father Carlton P. Cook, uncle 2nd Lt. Richard F. Thompson, and Brother-in-law Colonel Stephen Lampo. Since 2019, he has been the Director of Security and Logistics at Organic Remedies.

Richard Francis Thompson

Richard Francis Thompson • Air Force • 1926 – 1945 • World War II • United States Air Force, 2nd Lieutenant Richard F. Thompson was a B-29 Superfortress Bombardier in World War II. On January 3, 1945, this aircraft took off from Isley Field on Saipan armed with incendiary bombs as one of ninety-seven B-29s on a bombing mission against the port facilities and urban areas of Nagoya. On return flight from the bombing mission, the B-29 crashed on Anatahan Island, killing the entire crew on impact. Stranded on Anatahan Island was a group of Japanese shipwreck survivors. After the B-29 crashed, the Japanese survivors used the metal from the aircraft to fashion crude implements such as pots and knives. The oxygen tanks were used to store water, clothing was made from the nylon parachutes, and cords were used as fishing lines. 2nd Lieutenant Richard Thompson is buried at Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery in Thornton, PA.

William W Weibley

William W Weibley • Army • 1921 – 2010 • WWII • William “Bill” Weibley served as a T5 Army Conductor during WWII from 1943-1946. T5, Technician fifth grade, was a rank of the United States Army from 1942 to 1948. The rank was created to recognize enlisted soldiers with special technical skills, but who were not trained as combat leaders.

Carlton Pechin Cook

Carlton Pechin Cook • Army • 1918 – 1998 • World War II •

Carlton P. Cook was born May 10, 1918, in Malvern, PA., and died on May 20, 1998, in Coatesville, PA.
PFC Cook enlisted in the United States Army in 1941 and completed combat tours in Italy and North Africa during World War II as part of the 34th Infantry Division of the United States Army.

Vincent L Heiland Carr

Vincent L Heiland Carr • Army • 1963 – N/A • Army Veteran 1981-1987. Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Fort Jackson SC, Fort Hood Tx. 2nd Armored Div. First Calvary.

Brett Schwalm

Brett Schwalm • Army • 1981 – • Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 & 5 • 3rd Infantry Division, 5/7 cavalry purple heart recipient.
Ft. Stewart, Ga

Harland E. Carney Jr.

Harland E. Carney Jr. • Army • 1927 – 2010 • Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army. Pah, my beloved Grandfather.
Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom.

Russell A. Bender

Russell A. Bender • Army, Air Force • 1924 – 2016 • WWII • Russell A. Bender Served in Europe during WWII as part of the 386th Bomb Group of the 9th Air Force. He was a tail gunner on the B-26 Marauder, and later as a gunner on the A-26 Invader. After the war he worked hard, raised a family, retired and lived out his remaining days toying in his garden and teaching his grandkids wonderful life lessons. Russell was passionate about making sure every veteran who passed in his community received full military honors at their funerals. Russell served in the VFW Post 1599 honor guard for many years until his health could no longer allow. Pap was truly a Hero and is missed dearly.

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