CO2 vs. Hydrocarbon Extraction

Let's talk about some of the extraction methods we leverage here at Organic Remedies.

One type of extraction method that we use is a hydrocarbon extraction, and that is where we the name suggests... a hydrocarbon to extract our biomass. That can be propane, butane, pentane, hexane or multiple different types of hydrocarbon solvents. With the hydrocarbon extraction method, we're able to produce our crystalline forms of extract, such as diamonds and sauce, sugars, as well as extract live materials to produce our live resin.

We also leverage supercritical CO2 extraction. With this extraction, we're able to produce more of a full spectrum product. We're able to extract some of the other compounds found in cannabis, such as the flavonoids, the carotenoids. Through our methods are able to preserve and retain all of our terpenes.

This is what produces our high terpene extracts, known as HTE's. And this is also how we produce our RSO and our distillates. All these products have the plant terpenes in them from the cannabis plant they were extracted from.