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Organic Remedies offers various forms of medical marijuana to match your needs.  We have partnered with PA Medical Marijuana Program approved growers and producers to provide the highest quality to our patients.

For more information about the specific growers we work with, please click the name of the grower below.

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Medical marijuana growing in a climate controlled production facility

We’re Agri-Kind, a team brought together by a passion for growing the finest medical cannabis possible. We work each day centered on researching products targeted for specific indications with the best medical efficacy.

Focusing on research-based products, it is our mission to take a strict, ISO / FDA compliance approach to all our practices, processes, and procedures to employ the quality and controls necessary to produce the most consistent and effective products possible.

Growing is what we do best. We aim to produce the finest, most consistent cannabis. At Agri-Kind, we believe that growing premium cannabis is part science and part art. Our team of artisans – growers, extraction experts, and cultivators, are the cream of the crop, with years of experience and specialized expertise. Our team blended with a state of the art, expansive grow facility, top line extraction labs, and massive strain inventory is the perfect recipe for consistent quality and premium medical cannabis for targeted treatment.

We are passionate about freshness and quality. Our growers put a ton of effort into our breeding, growing, and processing—and we want patients to experience the difference that makes when they try our products.

Our current offerings include some of the best flower, concentrates, CO2 and LLR cartridges on the market. We also introduced flavored CO2 cartridges made from extracted medical marijuana oil combined with triple distilled food grade terpenes. Harmful additives like PEG, PG, MCT, VG or Vitamin E Acetate are never used to create these products.

In terms of strains, we grow classic cultivators like Afghani and Sour Diesel, along with lesser known strains like Portlandia, as well as our own proprietary creations: Downing Dawg and Calypso Kush. We look to expand our product lines every day.

Excellent everyday cannabis.

Cresco delivers consistent quality, experience, and availability in a portfolio of innovative products in the form of live concentrates, liquid live resin, and more!

At Cresco, we know that different moments call for different effects. Based on the type of medical marijuana, each of our products provide one of three benefits in the forms of our Rise [sativa] for uplifting effects, Refresh [hybrid] for balanced effects, and Rest [indica] for relaxing effects. In a world where you can’t find the same thing twice, Cresco delivers an excellent experience you can rely on.

FARMACEUTICALRX approaches the medical cannabis market from the healthcare and scientific perspectives of its founders and key executives, differentiating it in the industry.

Its goal is to reduce suffering and death through the rigorous introduction of this new therapeutic class. To achieve this, FARMACEUTICALRX has recruited healthcare professionals, attorneys, scientists, physicians, pharmacists, nutrition experts, operations and retail specialists, security and IT professionals, and recognized cannabis industry leaders.

Franklin Labs is honored and humbled with the opportunity to serve the residents of Pennsylvania who are facing grave and debilitating health issues.

Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality of medicinal cannabis to treat those issues and continually exceed patients’ expectations through educated, sensitive and compassionate care. To carry out our mission we have employed some of the brightest and most talented minds in the cannabis industry.

Our experienced cultivation team is lead by a Cannabis Cup winning grower and a nationally recognized horticulturist. Our patient research and counseling program is lead by a PHD neurologist and psychiatrist with 15 years of experience conducting pharmacological translational research, including groundbreaking research involving the therapeutic role of medical cannabis.

Green Leaf Medical has operations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia.

In Maryland, its vertically integrated footprint includes cultivation, extraction, and retail. In Pennsylvania, Green Leaf has a 275,000-square-foot facility. A total of 100,000 square feet houses its cultivation and extraction operations, and the company is in the process of completing the remaining 175,000 square feet. The company’s products are sold under the gLeaf brand. GLeaf produces dry leaf and flower, and concentrates, including vape cartridges and solid concentrates.

We’re Grassroots, a cannabis company with soul, born in Illinois and growing nationally from the ground up. We’re a welcoming community from different backgrounds, rooted together in a common passion: Cannabis inspires us to live deeply.

Our premium cannabis products are infused with passion and crafted with care. Our PA offerings include Flower, Concentrates, Vapes, RSO, RSO Capsules and THC Tablets.

At Green Thumb, we believe in the plant’s potential to improve health, happiness, and comfort. We invest in our people, our brands, and our retail experiences to power a profound shift in well-being.

Rythm Product Line:

Rythm is a premium cannabis brand with a passion for the plant. Our promise to you is simple: to deliver an always true to plant experience that helps patients find their “Rythm” in life.

DR Solomons:

Dr. Diane Solomon challenged accepted standards for women’s healthcare throughout her career. Her work as a physician and scientist inspired her daughters Laura and Rebecca to apply scientific standards to build reliable medical cannabis products for those seeking serious relief.
A dose-controlled, unique blend of 11 essential ingredients specially formulated to sooth dry and distressed skin while penetrating deeper than traditional topicals.

The name LIBERTY comes from a spirit of liberation which means liberating patients from what ails them. We’re committed to shaping the future of marijuana with innovative processes, outstanding products, expert education and affordable prices. That means improving overall patient care, empowering employees and working hand-in-hand with the retailers we serve.

With dozens of flower strains and other products, like extracts, tinctures and capsules, we offer more options than most marijuana brands. Some patients and partners like to dive into all of the strain names and scientific details. For everyone else, we’ve organized all of our products by how they make a customer feel. Our color spectrum, wing system and category names guide Liberty’s partners and patients through the range from sativas (most energizing) to indicas (most relaxing).

As a fully integrated medical marijuana company, Ilera Healthcare fuses science and innovation to discover life-changing therapies. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for patients by providing unique medical marijuana solutions. That mission guides the way we grow, process and formulate our products.

  • Ilera Healthcare’s world-class cultivation and extraction methods are expertly designed to create and deliver high-quality medicines.
  • From seed and soil to dispensary shelves, Ilera is committed to providing a superior health and wellness experience.
  • Our medicines are designed with ratios of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other active ingredients to create the ideal therapeutic experience.
  • Ilera’s passion and commitment to health and wellness extends well beyond our growing facility walls. Each day, we are motivated by our mission to positively impact our patients and our local community through personal, environmental, and social change.

INSA is a state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facility in Shamokin Dam, PA. INSA focuses on cultivating balanced cultivars that are exceptional in flavor. INSA categorizes products into different “Moods” to help patients make a choice.

The Relax and Soothe mood is most like an Indica style experience. Its effects are more targeted to the body. These are often used at nighttime to unwind or as a sleep aid. The Energize and Go mood is most like a pure Sativa. This mood is great for a boost of energy and a lift of euphoria. Products are great before working out or tackling a project. The Socialize and Engage mood is excellent for getting out and spending time with friends. The Focus and Flow mood is a balanced line, that is popular for all around use. It is especially great if you are looking to have a productive day. The Relieve and Recover mood is high CBD varieties.

We are Pennsylvania’s prime provider of medical marijuana, excelling in premium quality products to advance health and wellness across the Commonwealth and to cultivate better lives. Starting 100 percent from seed, we produce strains featuring truly exclusive and unique genetics that you will not find anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

PurePenn is a local company composed of Pennsylvania family business leaders and health experts committed to job creation, social impact and patient quality of life.

We have partnered with the internationally renowned medical marijuana manufacturer, Moxie, whose products have received repeated acclaim for consistently providing safe and effective treatments for patients. Rooted in community and social good, our goal is to bring a medical marijuana processing facility to McKeesport that exceeds the state’s, community’s and patients’ expectations.

We believe in a little plant full of potential. That’s why we started producing the
highest quality medical marijuana products with one thing in mind. Our patients!

It’s our mission to be the standard bearer for natural quality, expertly grown, modern medical marijuana. Combining cutting edge science and cultivation, we’re changing the way people understand and use marijuana as part of a healthy lifestyle. At Standard Farms we believe in a little plant full of potential. Potential to heal, potential for innovation, potential to enjoy life. That’s why everything we do is Grown Modern.


Terrapin is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor and provider of high-quality cannabis products that has been a pioneer in the cannabis community since launching in 2009 in Boulder, Colorado. We are leading the industry in creating affordable, quality products and establishing highly trusted brands.

Vireo Health is a physician founded, physician led company; bringing together the best of science, medicine, and engineering to cannabis.

In collaboration with the most brilliant minds from the fields of cannabis science, health and business, Whole Plants Health was created as a Pennsylvania-focused grow-and-extract operation and to be a premier provider of the highest quality products. The Whole Plants mission is to consistently provide compassionate relief to Pennsylvanians with chronic conditions by manufacturing advanced medical marijuana products. We produce high quality, clean strains, grown in our state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility.