Organic Remedies Balm

Shannon Ye, PharmD.
Organic Remedies Balm

"My pain disappeared after applying."

"This is my favorite product."

"I'm going to purchase two the next time."

This is some feedback from my patients about our Organic Remedies Topical Balm.

I recommend a topical for almost every patient with pain, especially muscle and joint pain. Topicals are a very safe medical marijuana product, as they offer localized pain relief without the increased risk of impairment.

Our Organic Remedies Topical Balm contains 500 milligrams of THC along with the soothing elements of menthol and capsicum to provide cooling and warming sensations.

Anti-inflammatory essential oils of laurel, arnica, and eucalyptus are also added to the beeswax and petrolatum mixture to make up the final product that so many of our patients love.

To use, we simply recommend massaging the topical balm directly to the pain area, avoiding any sensitive skin or mucus membranes. We recommend first testing a small area to observe any potential irritation or adverse effects.

If none, the Organic Remedies Topical Balm should be safe to apply throughout the day as needed.

Any questions, please reach out to your Organic Remedies pharmacist or patient care consultant. Thank you for listening.