Help Make Permanent Changes to State’s Medical Marijuana Program

Thank you, Organic Remedies patients for stepping up and calling your lawmakers! Governor Wolf has extended the COVID Emergency Disaster Proclamation.

What it Means

The extension allows you to still pick up your medical marijuana curbside, to receive certifications via telehealth, purchase up to 90-day supplies, and for caregivers to serve more than 5 patients. All of which are very helpful options for many patients!

This is Temporary!

If you enjoy these services as a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana patient and want to make them permanent, you must pick up the phone or send an email. We are going to make that simple for you. Please take a moment and urge lawmakers to make these temporary provisions permanent.

There is More to be Done

Right now, with Governor Wolf’s extension, we have an opportunity to make permanent changes.

How Can You Help?

It is easy. A bipartisan bill, HB1024, will allow some of the temporary provisions in the Commonwealth's medical marijuana program to remain after Governor Wolf's Proclamation ends.

We encourage you to contact your state representative and senator to ask them to vote Yea (Yes) on HB1024 to amend Act 16 to allow these changes to remain in place permanently.

Here is a Link to your Lawmaker:

Find Your Legislator - PA General Assembly (

It is one simple click. Find your Senator or Representative by address, map, or name. Calling and emailing make a difference as often it is the only way your lawmaker is aware of your concern. They are sworn to vote with you, the constituent. Three-to-five minutes right now could make a lifetime of difference for you and all medical marijuana patients in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Here is What to Say When Calling
“The temporary changes that were made by the Governor during the pandemic to facilitate safety in the medical marijuana program for patients, caregivers and dispensary employees have worked well and need to be made permanent." It is that simple.

Here is What to Say When Writing

"I am writing to ask that you vote "yea" on HB1024 to amend Act 16 and make several temporary changes to the PA Medical Marijuana program permanent. The temporary changes made by the Governor during the pandemic to facilitate safety in the medical marijuana program for patients, caregivers and dispensary employees have worked well and need to be made permanent with an amendment to Act 16.”

You can also contact House Health Committee Chairperson Cathy Rapp at (814) 723-5203 to urge her to move this important bill through her committee.

Among the provisions most beneficial to patients and the overall well-being of the PAMMJ program are:

  • Use of telehealth for certification visits.
  • Increased maximum number of patients under a caregiver's care.
  • Allow for curbside pickups.
  • Allow for purchase of a 90-day supply of medicine instead of 30-day supply.

The use of telehealth for certification visits is beneficial to all parties in the program. It keeps costs to patients and doctors lower, and it helps patients who are extremely ill, bedridden, or otherwise have difficulty traveling to access their certifying doctor without enduring pain or trauma.

Allowing caregivers to assist more than five patients helps more patients who require assistance to access their medicine. Often, there is a shortage of certified caregivers (especially in rural areas). Limiting caregivers to only five patients creates a higher demand than what can be supported. This leaves people sick, in pain, and without the medicine that can alleviate some of their symptoms. If caregivers can be assigned to the number of patients they can support, rather than an arbitrary number of patients, the potential for patient suffering is reduced.

Continuing to allow curbside pickups and the purchase of a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply helps patients, caregivers, and dispensaries. Curbside pickup is especially helpful for patients with compromised immune systems, limited mobility, or conditions like PTSD, which could be triggered in a busy dispensary. Most prescription medications can be purchased in 90-day supplies; medical marijuana should not be treated differently.

Photo by Andy Feliciotti