Pay at Organic Remedies with CanPay

CanPay is the world’s first payment network built specifically for the cannabis industry. You now have an alternative to bringing cash or paying ATM fees. CanPay is free to sign-up and free to use. You do not need to pre-pay or “load” an account.




How to register and use CanPay

Register for a CanPay account & link your bank account

Visit on your mobile device and follow the instructions to install the app shortcut.

When checking out at Organic Remedies, open CanPay on your phone and enter your PIN.

Click here for detailed instructions (.pdf)


CanPay is a true debit payment where a draft is made to your checking account when you make a purchase-- similar to using your regular bank issued debit card at a restaurant. 

CanPay is not a Visa or MasterCard (these cards do not allow their brands to be used in the cannabis industry) so you can ONLY link your checking account, but CanPay does provide a similar customer experience.

CanPay is NOT available at curbside pickup. In-Store transactions ONLY.