What Happens When a Marijuana Company Commits to Being Green


Reported in the Pittsburgh City Paper, April 17, 2024


First in the Industry Carbon Neutral Certification

We’ve all heard the saying “The grass is greener on the other side.”  This is probably quite true for many of us; however, when you are a medical marijuana company with the name Organic Remedies, being green is imperative.

Organic Remedies, a medical marijuana cultivation and research organization based in Carlisle, PA, along with six dispensaries in Pennsylvania, was recently officially certified carbon neutral by Carbonfund’s Carbonfree Certification Program.

Organic Remedies CEO Mark Toigo says, “Our name tells our story. We are Organic Remedies, and we strive to maintain organic farming practices during every phase of the cultivation and manufacturing of our products. Protecting our planet Earth is important to our patients, to our employees, and for the benefit of future generations.”

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Organic Practices Earn Praise from Employees and Consumers

“As a young man, at the age of 16, I participated in our nation’s first Earth Day. Now, at 70, the choices I make regarding their impact on our environment are even MORE critical,” shared Organic Remedies’ patient Andrew. “As a patient at Organic Remedies since its opening, I’ve seen the company’s efforts, over the years, to impact the environment as little as possible. Now that they have achieved carbon neutral status, it shows the company’s commitment to the communities they serve, as well as our planet.”

Organic Remedies has employed organic farming practices since the facility opened in 2020. They use recycled rainwater, collected off their greenhouse roof through piping and captured in an aquafer for reuse when watering the plants. This leads to a facility with no runoff. Additionally, greenhouses are naturally low-energy users because natural light is used year-round. Lighting is used at certain times of the year and nighttime.

Zero pesticides are used to cultivate their plants, and they only utilize bio-controls to manage unwanted pests through an integrated pest management system. The company captures CO2 from the boiler to enhance plant health; when the boiler heats during the day, CO2 is captured and pumped into the greenhouse.

They have also planted thousands of trees on their surrounding property.

In addition to farming practices, Organic Remedies is also working to reduce waste by offering its products in biodegradable bags and recyclable packaging.

“Organic Remedies’ commitment to environmental sustainability is important to me and the cannabis community itself,” expressed Matthew, an employee at the Bethel Park Organic Remedies Dispensary. “It preserves longevity for the environment and the company. We do better by spending less and wasting less.”

Organic Remedies’ Carbonfund carbon neutral certification is Pennsylvania’s first in the industry. Carbonfund is leading the fight against climate change by helping individuals, businesses, and organizations to reduce and offset their climate impact. Through its rigorous assessment, Carbonfund determined Organic Remedies generates 1626.5 tons of CO2 which will be offset through global forestry projects.

A Responsibility to the Environment and Patients

At the end of March 2024, the Pennsylvania Department of Health revealed that there are 440,949 active cardholders, and 9,203 active caregivers with medical marijuana licenses. Additionally, there are 180 operational dispensaries, while Organic Remedies account for six of those; their products are sold at many other dispensaries.

Toigo added, “As one of the leading medical marijuana organizations in PA, we understand our responsibility is to not only produce quality products but also to do so in a way that does not harm the environment. We have always cultivated our plants through natural, organic farming practices.”

Logan, an employee from the Chambersburg Organic Remedies, is proud to work for a company that delivers on prioritizing the environment, “It’s important to me that Organic Remedies not only delivers top-notch products but also prioritizes educating others about sustainability. Our efforts to become carbon neutral and to raise awareness about environmental issues show a genuine dedication to making a positive difference, which I deeply appreciate and support.”

Awareness and Education are Keys to a Greener Future

Organic Remedies is also passionate about raising awareness and educating clients and employees on the benefits of environmental sustainability.

The Organic Remedies Team

To celebrate Earth Day, on April 20, the company plans to raise awareness and green the planet by offering a free wildflower seed giveaway at all dispensary pop-ups. Starting as just a small seed, wildflowers pack a significant environmental wallop, including significant factors of soil health and pollination!

Additionally, the company works to educate others through its website and social media platforms. Darius, employed at the Paoli Dispensary, enthusiastically appreciates this outreach, “educating ourselves to be sustainable is a no-brainer! Our actions have an impact, and understanding how they impact others and our environment is extremely important to me, as I want a planet where future children can see green trees and blue skies.”

Matthew, from Bethel Park, is happy to have the knowledge to help educate consumers, sharing, “I have the resources to educate myself and others about the positive environmental direction that the company is heading towards.”

To learn more about Organic Remedies Carbon Neutral Certification and their other environmentally sustainable educational resources, please visit www.OrganicRemediesPA.com.


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