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What are TERPENES, you ask?

Found in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, terpenes are plant oils with unique aromas and distinctive flavors (pine, citrus, mint) and are known to play a key role in the overall effects of each strain. Terpenes also play a key role in differentiating the flavor and scent of marijuana. Some terpenes might promote relaxation, while others energy or focus.


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Suffering from Chronic Pain? Read This

Ilera Ease Tincture for Inflammation Relief

EASE is part of a growing family of proprietary medical marijuana formulations by Ilera Healthcare. Formulations are created by extracting, isolating, and then re-assembling the medicinal compounds from the marijuana plant to achieve specific, targeted effects.


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Focus on Delta-8-THC

Delta-8-THC exists naturally in cannabis, although in low concentration. Through advanced biochemical techniques, delta-9-THC can be converted into delta-8-THCwithout adding artificial components or harmful byproducts

FARMACEUTICALRX has selected delta-8-THC for its first, uncommon-cannabinoid-specific product line, due to delta-8-THC’s unique effects and applications. The company is launching a delta-8-THC product platform, “Live Delta-8,” first with distillate cartridges that combine delta-8-THC with live, strain-specific terpenes, providing unique products with optimal terpene-profiles and full spectrum properties.


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Medical Marijuana- Cultivation With Living Soil


Organic Remedies is proud to partner with FARMACEUTICALRX, one of Pennsylvania's cultivating and processing facilities located in Farrell, Pa. FARMACEUTICALRX is a multi-state operator and therapeutics company focused on bringing innovations through research and development to the medical marijuana sector.


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Time to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card?

For many patients, the start of the New Year means time to renew your medical marijuana registration. If you are wondering how to renew your medical marijuana card before it expires, read this.

Sixty (60) days before the expiration date of your Patient Certification and ID Card, you will receive an email letting you know that it’s time to renew your registration. You must renew the registration before you visit a certified medical marijuana physician.


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